Ben Smith This is one elegant component.

It’s even worse than it appears.

Sunday January 12, 2020; 10:08 AM EST

  • question of bloggers wanting to replace reporters came up again. This was yet another colossal misunderstanding, much like the disconnect re Facebook today.#
  • #
    • Ben Smith, editor in chief at Buzzfeed News, refers to the “the enduring positive qualities of social media.” I wonder if his colleagues at Buzzfeed and other pubs tuned into that. How about a series of columns, updated to 2020 reality, that explore those positive qualities, to balance all the horror stories running in the NYT and elsewhere.#
  • I observe that journalists tend be blind when it comes to voters, users, writers, developers, anyone but politicians, rich people, and other journalists. We hardly exist as individuals, we’re only considered in the aggregate (polls and the like). They shrink their world, furious

These ingredients are quite unbelievable.

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