Ben Smith Afternoon Mirror: CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski Says He’s Not ‘Being A D**k’

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Quote of the Day:

“Well, I’m on the phone with my computer security service, and as I understand it someone compromised my IP address and is using it to download child pornography. I might just be a random target. But this could be an attempt to Qanon me. It’s an ugly world out there.” 

Paul Krugman, liberal economist, lefty columnist,NYT.

Sharyl Attkisson, host ofFull Measure, remarked, “It’s being done. Hint: Sometimes it’s government agents who are doing it.”

MOOD I:“Tolerieted.” — a wordPresident Trumpmoderated in his speech about the Iranian attack Wednesday. The word is regularly pronounced “tolerayyyted.”

MOOD II: “Who saw 2020 sucking this badly, this quickly? It’s only the 7th!!” —Bryan Behar, blogger,HuffPost.

CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski: ‘I am not being a dick’ 

“Hey all, my phone was lost and I lost my contacts when I erased my phone. So if I don’t respond to your messages for couple days. I’m not being a dick, I’m just waiting for new phone.” —Andrew Kaczynski, CNN.

To which his oldBuzzFeedbossBen Smithreplied, “Eh, it would be in character anyway.”

(RELATED: CNN’s Kaczynski Serves As CNN Reporter AND Publicist)

Journos’ snarks about Trump’s speech 

“They did a really bad job of putting on the tan today.” —Oliver Willis,ShareBlue, on Trump’s appearance and speech Wednesday from the White House.(RELATED: Lefty Journo Directs Vulgar Hand Gesture To NBC News)

“How is he already out of breath? Did he jog there?” —Kevin Kruse, historian.

Juanita Broaddrick lets Megyn Kelly have it with both barrels 

Ben Smith

Megyn Kelly in Los Angeles, Shutterstock.

Broaddrick has long accused formerPresident BillClintonof rape. Clinton has always denied the allegation. Broaddrick says the incident happened in 1978 when Clinton was Attorney General of Arkansas.

Megyn Kelly is a former talk show host for NBC and a former anchor at Fox News.

MEGYN KELLY: “Now will the media be more reticent in their rush to judgment (and fake virtue signaling) against anyone perceived as non-liberal? Don’t bet on it.” (She was remarking on CNN settling a lawsuit withNick Sandmann, a student at Covington Catholic High School. Sandmann and his pals were in D.C. for the March of Life. Cameras zoned in on an interaction betwee

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