Ben Smith New Yorkers have very strong feelings on which subway seat is best

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It’s the Myers-Briggs of New Yorkness.

Where a straphanger sits on the subway is not merely an in-the-moment decision — it is reflective of a commuter’s very soul, not to mention the length of their legs, and their commute.

A viral tweet asking subway riders to name their favorite seat has opened the floodgates to a discussion on the rarely spoken of, constantly made choice: Which seat is thebestone?

Specifically, internet pedestrians debated the options on the older, more colorful letter train line cars — the ones with the dimmer lighting and orange and yellow seats. The brightly lit, blue-seated cars and narrow number-line subways are objectively inferior, many feel. And they also offer a far slimmer diversity of seat options: Whether someone sits on an end or middle seat is far less telling of what kind of person they are.

Those who sit closest to the door on a train car, according to one hardened New Yorker, are suckers and the most liable to get mugged.

“I don’t understand why ppl keep saying 1 that’s the one closest to the door I call that one the snatch and run,” writes the tough guy.

Others feel that, in fact, it is everyone who isnotin that seat who is the sucker.

“Anyone who doesn’t say 1 should be arrested by the MTA Police,” says TV writer Bess Kalb.

Bronx native and comedian Desus Nice, 38, contends it

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