Saracen’s Kruis: Legal cannabis gave me a lift in the World Cup. Now it’s my £300,000 business

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George Kruis wins the ball in the lineout during the Rugby World Cup 2019

England rugby player George Kruis used cannabis oil during the World Cup to help him sleep better. 

He also says the best money decision he ever made was setting up a cannabis oil company to provide him with an income in retirement.

Kruis has invested £300,000 of his savings in company FourFiveCBD and believes that soon many people will be using cannabis oil regularly.

The 29-year-old Saracens player, who has 41 caps and represented England at two World Cups, has also invested in buy-to-let properties and Bitcoin. 

He would like to fund more medical research into cannabis products if he were Chancellor of the Exchequer and thinks doctors should feel safer prescribing them.

Q: What was it like playing in the Rugby World Cup this year?

A: It was disappointing to lose in the final, but it was the experience of a lifetime and I enjoyed being in Japan and learning about the culture.

Q: What did your parents teach you about money?

A: To work hard for it and to make it work hard for me. My mother was a teacher and counsellor while my father was an architect, so I had a comfortable upbringing. 

They knew how to look after their money and they never just gave it to me. 

It was always a reward for something I had done, be it mowing the grass, doing the washing up or getting good grades at school.

But if I did work hard, they were generous.

My schooling was a big expense. From age 11, I was privately educated at St John’s School, Leatherhead, and I know that cost my family a lot of money. 

I am grateful to my parents for sending me there because rugby was a big feature of the school.

Luckily, I managed to get a rugby scholarship when I was in the sixth-form that made it cheaper for me to attend.

Q: Have you ever struggled to make ends meet?

A: No. I got my first rugby contract when I was 18. It was only for £5,000 a year, but I also earned match fees playing for local clubs.

In total my income was about £8,000 a year. It wasn’t a struggle to live on because my contract included free accommodation and some free meals – and even if I had been earning more, I would not have had time to spend it.

Every day, I would get up at 6am and drive halfway around the M25 to go to training at Saracens, then I would drive to Barking in Essex and train there in the evening. I would get home at 9pm.

The hours were tough, but if you get an opportunity at a national club, you make it work. Whenever I needed to, I knew I could borrow money from my parents – and that my father would make sure I paid him back, which I did.

Q: Have you ever been paid silly money?

A: No. I do not earn footballer’s wages and although I feel I am well paid for what I do, there has never been an occasion in my life when I have been taken back by the fee offered.

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