Owen Farrell Sportsmail’s alternative awards for 2019 featuring Pep Guardiola, Tyson Fury and Leeds

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The end of the year is a time for reflection, looking back at the great and the good of the sporting world and those moments that have shown the best of 2019.

We don’t care about that, though, do we? Let’s leave the proper awards up to other people — these are Sportsmail’s alternative awards from the last year, the best bad moments across all sports.

Read on to find out what we remember — and have laughed at — over the last 12 months. 

The ‘How many times, Pep?’ award

Pep Guardiola, when things go even mildly badly for him at a football club, always seems as though he is on the cusp of driving to Dundee barefoot after gorging on Toblerone.

It might just be the chaotic energy that comes with being the best football manager on the planet.

So when Manchester City were beaten by Liverpool earlier this season and fell even further behind in the title race, it was no surprise to see Pep lose it a bit on the touchline.

Throw in two contentious penalty shouts and he was left screaming ‘Twice!’ into the evening sky. At least he looked stylish doing it. 

The ‘We’re the fairest football team in the land’ award

From Billy Bremner and Norman ‘Bites Yer Legs’ Hunter to Spygate, Leeds have long been lauded as one of the most well respected football teams on the planet.

No one has ever suggested they are a ‘dirty’ side. Who would have the audacity to suggest that about the most well-liked and popular team in the country? Apart from Danny, they have always been England’s rose.

So it was no surprise that FIFA finally decided to recognise them with the well-deserved ‘Fair Play’ honour. And the reaction, especially from, say, Chelsea managers, filled our hearts with joy. 

What do you mean it was for a single moment in a dead rubber that no one in the home end was happy about? And the defender tried to stop it? And it was a questionable thing to do in the first place?

The reality is that FIFA gave them the award after Leeds let Aston Villa score in the Championship late last season. It followed Mateusz Klich bagging while a Villa player was down injured and, given the fight that followed, if Leeds had not let the goal in it would have been fascinating to see what came next. 

How Aston Villa’s players reacted to Mateusz Klich scoring against them on April 28

The ‘should have read the rulebook’ award 

A Cricket World Cup final must be near the pinnacle of any umpire’s career — assuming you don’t make, say, a massive error during a game-deciding moment.

To be fair to Kumar Dharmasena, it was complicated. There was the question of whether Ben Stokes and Adil Rashid had ‘crossed over’.

They had not. Instead of the six that was handed out, Stokes should have been given a five.

It helped decide the match and the competition as England drew level with New Zealand’s 241 and took it to a super over.

Still, at least it’s one to tell the grandchildren about, right Kumar? Kumar?   

The umpire signalled for six runs – a decision which has since been criticised in retrospect

The ‘I am the captain now’ award

It’s fair to say Derby County’s team bonding exercise did not go particularly well but one side story from it flew under the radar.

When Richard Keogh was stripped of his captaincy for his involvement, it was handed to good honest senior pro Tom Huddlestone.

And then footage emerged of Mason Bennett throwing up in a urinal… from Huddlestone’s Snapchat.

The armband was taken off him quicker than a kid learning to swim. Not exactly the leader they were looking for.

Midfielder Tom Huddlestone’s run as captain did not last very long at Derby County

The ‘Why wouldn’t we hold a major final in Baku?’ award 

Remember when Arsenal and Chelsea reached the Europa League final, a competition neither of them wanted to be in, and it dawned on them that it was in Baku?

And then the fans all started to look into tickets and flights to watch their team play in a major final and it turned out it was almost impossible to get there?

Then it emerged that Henrikh Mkhitaryan could not play due to an ongoing international incident involving his

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