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Refugee Action as his charity of choice.

These guys help to build safe, happy and productive lives for refugees in the UK, enabling survivors of some of the world’s worst regimes to live with dignity once more. A worthy cause, fighting for a very real, sad and global issue.

February – Remembering Srebrenica

One of the ladies from our Content Strategy team travelled with the Remembering Srebrenica charity to Bosnia in 2015, to visit the site of the genocide and meet the survivors. She had been shocked to learn that something described as ‘the worst crime on European soil since WW2’ had occurred in her lifetime and that she had had no knowledge of it.

The lesson from Srebrenica is that no society is invulnerable to prejudice and intolerance – we must all remain vigilant against these forces, and take positive action. This British charity focuses on building a cohesive society and stronger, more resilient communities in the UK – they recognise that discrimination, racism and exclusion still persist in our world today and that we must work together to create a safer society for all.

March – Periodic Paralysis

One of our Digital PR team members put forward this charity as one that is close to her heart, having a friend who suffers from the condition. We were pleased to be able to contribute towards finding a cure for Periodic Paralysis.

Periodic Paralysis is a little known genetic disease with symptoms including random bouts of full-body paralysis which worsens as you grow older, often resulting in the sufferer having to rely on a wheelchair.

April – Great Ormond Street Hospital

This April, a friend of the agency ran the London Marathon in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity – where she works as a paediatric nurse.

Every day 618 children and young people from across the UK arrive at the hospital and every day, doctors and nurses battle the most complex illnesses. This is truly a place where the brightest minds come together to achieve pioneering medical breakthroughs.

Every day is a chance to make a difference and this extraordinary hospital

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