Ben Smith Ivanka buried for only taking softball questions from State Dept PR official at international forum: ‘Princess Grifter doing a photo op’

Ben Smith These plug-ins are astonishing!!

On Saturday, first daughter Ivanka Trump sat for an interview with a former Fox News contributor turned State Department PR official at the Doha Forum in Qatar, during which she was asked a series of softball questions designed to play up her supposed contributions to women’s rights and what she hopes to do to ensure a positive legacy.

Ivanka being interviewed by *State Dept PR person*, a former Fox News contributor, at the #DohaForum. Never quite seen anything like it.

— Ben Smith (@BuzzFeedBen) December 14, 2019

In short order, commenters on social media slammed her for the stunt:

Princess Grifter is once again doing a photo op where she takes credit for things she had nothing to do with. 🙄

— Tina -#ImpeachAndRemove (@trcfwtt) December 14, 2019

“Ivanka, your dad is the best president ever. Can you tell us a heartwarming anecdote about how awesome he is?”

— Ken Goodrich (@KenGoodrich) December 14, 2019

Ivanka bravely submits to questions like what’s your favourite color.

— Robert Enns (@Telemanr) December 14, 2019

The only interview she deserves is wit

I like constituents, because they are the magnificent!

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