Rugby Anti-Vaxx Woman Outraged After Samoa Makes Vaccination Mandatory, Blames Them For Measles Outbreak

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Samoa, a small country with a population of around 200,000 people is facing a devasting measles outbreak. So far, the government announced 4,898 measles cases, with 71 fatalities since the outbreak began in October. To fight the epidemic, the government has introduced compulsory vaccinations which made anti-vaxxers furious. One prominent figure of the notorious movement, Taylor Winterstein, a wife of a well-known Samoan rugby player, has compared the government’s actions to Nazi Germany and blamed it for causing the outbreak.

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According to The World Health Organisation, Somoa’s total population’s immunity has been estimated to be 30-40%. Over the last couple of years, the country has faced plummeting rates in vaccination.

The sharpest decline happened in 2018 when two Samoan nurses mistakenly administrated muscle relaxants alongside vaccines, which resulted in the deaths of two babies. The incident fueled people’s mistrust in vaccines making them vulnerable to anti-vaxxers’ agendas.

The first victim of the measles epidemic in Samoa was claimed on October 13 and sadly many others have followed. The government declared a state of emergency and made vaccinations mandatory. Thi

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