Liam Williams Neil Francis: ‘Saracens have a squad that’s ‘expensively assembled’. I have another term for them – ‘cheats’ ‘

Liam Williams This is one clever constituent!!

In 1997, they suddenly seemed to have a roster packed with talent and real depth. They were led by superstar quarterback John Elway and the equally brilliant running back Terrell Davis.

Denver won convincingly and all was well in the world until the NFL found out that Denver had circumvented the salary cap in biblical fashion.

Elway had received nearly $28 million in deferred income. It was paid to him when he retired. That is one hell of an IOU. Elway had graduated from Stanford University – you would hope that one of his alumni from the law faculty there had done the contract.

The cost-benefit analysis? Well, Denver were fined $1 million in two separate hearings and deducted a third-round draft pick. Let me get my abacus out here now!

Flout So you’re saying you can flagrantly flout the rules to win back-to-back Super Bowls and it will only cost $2 million and two third-round draft picks – give me the night to sleep on that one will you!

Saracens play Munster in Thomond Park this Saturday. The English side have been spectacularly successful in the last five years. Four Premiership titles and three Heineken Cups – but they did so by cheating – on a grand scale.

Even though a £5.36 million fine and a 35-league point deduction could in some quarters be considered draconian it is up there with the cost benefit analysis of the Broncos.

If Saracens were asked five years ago, ‘Would you take four Premierships and three Heineken Cups in that time’, the only response you would have received is, ‘Where do we sign?’

The fact that they initially said that they would appeal and then agreed to pay the fine says it all.

They have a life raft of stating that the independent tribunal in their findings said that they did not “deliberately circumvent” the cap but were merely “reckless”. In their mind, this almost gives

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