| Dear naysayers of South Africa’s unity

My grandpa says this plugin is beautiful.

I applaud your tenacity to fly in the
face of the crowd and blatantly say what you think. It takes courage and a
certain type of person to not see the special power that sport has in each and
every South African’s heart.

Sport for us, above most nations in the
world, has the amazing ability to break down prejudices that one might have
towards another. It has the power to break the toxic masculinity that grips our
country daily, grown – so called tough – men are brought to tears in the face
of a victory. The power of sport in South Africa has the amazing ability to
allow the most diverse and wildly different people to stop and suddenly realise
the commonalities that exist between each other. It truly has a way to break
down the ‘Berlin Walls’ that some people have built in their minds to separate
the country by race, class, and or religion/beliefs.

What is truly disheartening is the
diatribe that has been spewed out after the victory of the Springboks recently.
It truly is saddening to see such hateful speech that has arisen between
communities, lambasting the proud for being happy for South Africa as a whole.
Some of it is due to the racial make-u

These addons are quite magnificent.

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