Rugby Peter Jackson gives Stephen Colbert the Tolkien spinoff of his dreams

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Once Stephen Colbert announced he was doing a week-long series of segments about his time in New Zealand, you just knew it was all building to this. Sure, Colbert got tolearn rugbyfrom the All Blacks,go drinkingwith Bret McKenzie and Lucy Lawless, and was picked up at the airportby the Prime Minister, but if there’s one thing we know about Stephen Colbert, it’s that he’s gonna track down Peter Jackson anytime the two are in the same hemisphere. It’s all on Jackson, if we’re being honest, since the director put lifelong J.R.R. Tolkien fan Colbert in one of hisHobbitmovies—that’s just encouraging him.

So it was no surprise that, for 12 full minutes, Thursday’sLate Showturned into theStephen Colbert Fantasy Cosplay Show, as Colbert began by interviewing Jackson in his Wellington warehouse full of priceless LOTR props, and ended with a lavishly produced trailer for the epic spin-off of young Stephen Colbert’s sweatiest, orc-iest dreams. Now, one might ask if Colbert’s wordless, six-second role as “Laketown Spy” inThe Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaughad enough mutton on the bone for an entire movie. And you’d be right. Ye

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