Rugby Beluga Whale Plays Fetch With Rugby Ball In The Arctic

Rugby This is one unbelievable addon!

This is a video from near the North Pole of a group of South African rugby fans playing fetch with a beluga whale using a Rugby World Cup ball. Of course the whale probably doesn’t know it’s playing fetch, it’s probably fed up of these people losing their ball and it, being the good Samaritan that it is, having to retrieve it. “Dammit, I have fish to catch and eat!” I imagine it angrily whistling while making a mental note to try eating one of Santa’s elves this year.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees one more throw and that whale is stealing the ball and selling it to the Little Mermaid for her secret grotto.

I be nuts about add-ons, because they are the huge.

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