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byAndrew White | November 1, 2019  | Comments Offon Upgrade your Data (and Analytics) Strategy – Now!

I was up at 4am last Saturday (before Orlando Symposium) in order to watch England take on New Zealand in the first semi-final of the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan. I certainly didn’t feel as tired as I thought I would at the end, probably since England won the match! So, I enthusiastically brewed my coffee and plunged into the weekend papers a little later.

In the Opinion pages of the Wall Street Journal I saw an article that caught me attention: “Why ‘Strategic Plans’ Are Rarely Strategic – or Effective”. The article was exploring how strategic plans are developed and what they really mean. The main angle was from the point of view of a university, but the point was related to business too:

  • They (strategies) take too long to draft or define
  • They tend to be vague overall
  • They are filled with platitudes and principles
  • They end up not being that relevant to what actually takes place in the organization

The article reflects a lot of what we have seen over the years. Only 3 years ago (see Data and Analytics Strategies Need More-Concrete Metrics of Success) where we reviewed all the data strategies we had seen in the previous couple of years and less than 15% of them had concrete measurable outcomes. Most of these strategies were effectively based on faith, hope, and charity. And all too often we will see strategy documents stuffed to the gills with principles and guidelines, mostly in the

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