Finn Russell Rugby World Cup 2019, Scotland vs Samoa: live score and latest updates from Kobe

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Stuart McInally: ‘It was important that we had a reaction after last week. We’ve always had really tough games against Samoa so I was really happy with the performance. We played a lot of rugby in their half, and the fact we managed to get that fourth try at the end is going to be important.’

Encouraging victory for Scotland and persuasive enough that, if they continue this form, they can deal with Japan. Jonny Gray was outstanding as was James Ritchie. After  the phoney war of the first 20 minutes, they adjusted their game to take advantage of Samoa’s truly appalling kicking from hand, exploited the numerous mistakes and bagged the bonus point their dominance deserved in rotten conditions for retaining possession and keeping their feet when they tried to blast out of the blocks. 

Samoa rattle through eight phases before hanging on too long after being tackled. Scotland penalty and they tap and find touch. Full time. 

Jonny Gray is man of the match. The gong sounds as Samoa win the lineout. Scotland are desperate to hold them to nil.

Samoa go over the top of the lineout and Scotland pick it off, hold Samoa off in a ruck and Hogg kicks it 40m upfield and into touch by their 10m line. 

Adam Hastings replaces Finn Russell and start to throw the ball around. Brown jinks through the centre and tries to offload to Horne to run in the try from 15m but Williams picks it off and bullocks forward. Samoa finally run it through the backs and pour forward slickly and with menacing angles. Scotland eventually regain possession inside their own 22 after a wayward pass from Leiua but hang on too long and concede a penalty. Samoa kick for touch, 5m from the Scotland line. 

Superb turnover from Ritchie as they chased the 22. Thomson takes it 10m before being stopped by a brutal tackle from Leiua. He offloads before being hit, Russell slips it out to the left for Maitland who sprints up the whitewash, dives early and is taken out by Fidow sliding into him with his knees. Fidow has already been yellow carded. He would have scored had he not been illegally stopped.Penalty try. And Fidow is sent off for a second yellow. 

Samoa penalty in the Scotland 22 after Scotland come into a maul from the wrong side. Samoa, would you believe, kick the ball dead instead of into touch. Terrible. Scotland 22 drop-out. 


69 min Scotland 27 Samoa 0          

Very scrappy and sloppy at the moment, Scotland trying to force a move to find that bonus-point try. They have taken too many 50-50 options instead of patiently building momentum. They have plenty of time but one can sympathise – the first half alone in this sadistically humid hothouse was 55 mins. 


67 min Scotland 27 Samoa 0         

Ed Fidow comes out of the bin – Samoa emerge unscathed from 10 mins with 14 men.  

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Ed Fidow flies in from an offisde position to concede a penalty tryCredit: AP Photo/Aaron Favila


64 min Scotland 27 Samoa 0              

Samoa win the scrum, make 20m and the ball squirts free of their grasp. Scotland scrum 25m out. Duncan Taylor replaces Sam Johnson, George Horne for Laidlaw. On comes a streaker, or ‘freaker’ as John Arlott memorably malaproped. It, too, was male. Short delay while he is dealt with. 


62 min Scotland 27 Samoa 0             

Gray wrecks Samoa’s composure at their own lineout and Scotland attack through several attritional phases, moving forward incrementally until Gordon Reid strains for the line. It was disrupted by a player lying on the ground interfering to force the knock-on and the referee not spotting it. Laidlaw is livid. 


60 min Scotland 27 Samoa 0            

Clever kick from Hogg, 50m upfield, a grubber threaded into touch 10m from the Samoa line. 


58 min Scotland 27 Samoa 0           

WP Nel departs and Zander Fagerson replaces him. 


57 min Scotland 27 Samoa 0          

Penalty try for Scotland and yellow card for Fidowwho entered the maul from the side and held up Fraser Brown as the front row peeled off to try to bundle the ball over the line. Laidlaw slots the conversion. 


54 min Scotland 20 Samoa 0         

Russell’s miss-out pass from the 10 channel off the back of the scrum squirts through Graham’s hands at head height and into touch. It was a bullet of a pass but eh should have held on and would have had 3m to step inside and spot down. 


52 min Scotland 20 Samoa 0        

TJ Ioane is penalised for a dreadful tackle on Gilchrist, no arms and like a thunderbolt to the knees. No yellow card but it should have been. Scotland go for the scrum 8m out dead centre. Scotland send Fraser Brown on for Dell. Cummings for Gilchrist. 


48 min Scotland 20 Samoa 0       

Samoa make a gift of another penalty for roaming offside after Scotland win the lineout. Hogg kicks for the corner.  


48 min Scotland 20 Samoa 0      

Samoa caught offside as they break from winning the lineout after a handling error squanders possession. Scotland penalty on their 22. Hogg nudges them 40m upfield. 


46 min Scotland 20 Samoa 0     

Scrappy start to the half. A forward pass from Scotland concedes a scrum Samoa earn a scrum penalty on halfway and kick for touch, firing a rolling maul from the lineout that catches Scotland offside. Pisi kicks for touch and they will have a lineout on 5m. 


45 min Scotland 20 Samoa 0    

First Samoa substitution- Jordan Lay comes on for Mulipola. Kieron Fonotia comes on a few seconds later for Low Countries Tuatagaloa. 


43 min Scotland 20 Samoa 0   

Tusi Pisi penalised for a high tackle during the kick-chase on Blade Thomson. Hogg looks for touch deep inside the Samoa 22 but Williams keeps it in and lumps it back. It becomes a two-man game for half a minute between the two 15s until Williams finds touch on halfway. 


41 min Scotland 20 Samoa 0  

Off we go, a period of exchanging kicks ends with Hogg punting it out on the full after Graham takes the wrong route after stepping in off the right wing and going for the grubber instead of taking the ball into contact inside the 22. Williams cleaned up and boomed it 60m, forcing a rare Hogg error with the boot. 


And Hogg’s drop goal


Here’s Maitland’s try


Scotland will be delighted

Punishing conditions making handling and keeping their footing hazardous never mind the overwhelming heat and humidity. It means that manifold errors ruin promising play but there’s little they can do to correct some of those failings. It was the right thing to do, for example, for Graham to sidestep infield on their final attack of the half but the precarious surface meant he couldn’t execute the appropriate move properly. 


Half time Scotland 20 Samoa 0  

Darcy Graham ends the move by slipping and hangs on to the ball on the floor. Samoa penalty. Williams kicks it out on the full which means they’ll have a lineout on 5m because he should have tapped it and allowed someone else to end the half. But they win the lineout and then punt it into touch to head in for their oranges. 


40+1 min Scotland 20 Samoa 0 

Another penalty from the maul, Jack Lam warned for collapsing it. Hogg kicks for touch again. Gilchrist takes the throw and Scotland attack through the middle of the field, inching forward through the phases from 5m. 


40 min Scotland 20 Samoa 0

Samoa kick the ball straight out from the re-start and Scotland opt for a scrum on halfway. They force a penalty and Hogg kicks into touch 8m from the tryline. The gong sounds but Scotland will have time. Penalty from the lineout, Samoa come offside. Hogg kicks for touch again. 


34 min Hogg kicks a monster drop-goal

Zinzan-esque from the Samoa 10m line. Again it was an appalling kick from Samoa, straight down the full-back’s throat. Hogg sends it back with interest.  Scotland 20 Samoa 0


34 min Laidlaw scores under the posts

 Dreadful kick from Samoa, picked off. Scotland ruck and Laidlaw moves the ball to Russell. Ritchie makes 10m amd feeds back inside to Laidlaw who makes the perfect angle to beat Williams on his left shoulder and go 15m to touch  down. He converts from straight in front.  Scotland 17 Samoa 0


32 min Maitland scores a try

Off the back of the lineout Russell hangs a steepling crossfield kick up and Maitland steps in off the left touchline to catch, check inside Tuatagaloa and dot down. Poise and precision from Russell.

Laidlwa converts.Scotland 10 Samoa 0


30 min Scotland 3 Samoa 0    

Scotland win the lineout, switch it quickly out to the left but the pass to Gray is too high, inviting Williams to hit him brutally hard. Maitland was free on the left and was waiting for a pass that should have come earlier from the forwards. 


28 min Scotland 3 Samoa 0   

Maitland breaks off the back of a scrum having lined up alongside Graham on the right. Laidlaw moved it swiftly through the three-quarter line and Maitland stepped inside and made 10m but when he was hit his offload was erratic and thrown on to the floor. Matavao picked it up and Laidlaw bundled both into touch. Scotland lineout about 25m out. 


26 min Scotland 3 Samoa 0  

Jonny Gray makes a terrific tackle on Vui and Ritchie jackals and rips it. Then Ioane dislodges the ball from Bradbury when Scotland attack with the force of a juggernaut.  


23 min Scotland 3 Samoa 0 

Tim Nanai Williams takes the ball on his 10m line after Samoa win the scrum out on their left and fires a grubber up the touchline, gaining 30m. Scotland lineout. Maitland bullocks up the blindside before playing the inside pass but Russell knocks the slippery ball on under pressure from Tusi Pisi. Samoa scrum on Scotland’s 10m line. Nine handling errors so far, seven from Scotland. 

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Scotland’s Sean Maitland in action with Samoa’s Tusi Pisi Credit: REUTERS/Annegret Hilse


21 min Scotland 3 Samoa 0 

Samoa’s defence forces errors from Harris and Ritchie who, after they are held up for a minute and a half trying intricate passing to get free, lets the slippery ball squirt forward. They’re trying to draw Samoa into contract and offload to Maitland but they can’t get the killer, release pass away. 


18 min Scotland 3 Samoa 0

After more shonky Samoan kicking, the clock goes off for treatment to Matavao. Samoa lineout when the time goes on again, shovelled to the first man, who recycles to Matavao. Out comes the boot and Scotland have a lineout on their left on 22. 


16 min Scotland 3 Samoa 0

Russell catches the box-kick after several phases following the lineout characterised by a handling error and a couple of slips on the greasy grass. He offloads sharply to Hogg who wriggles and darts 15m but Samoa hold him up and the two sides exchange kicks. Tie their boots together, as one old coach used to bellow when erratic kicking dominated. 


15 min Scotland 3 Samoa 0    

Jack Lam returns and Samoa force a scrum penalty, Nel collapsing it under the angle and drive of Mulipola. Samoa punt to touch on Scotland’s 10m line. 


12 min Scotland 3 Samoa 0   

Tusi Pisi makes a break and is held on the gainline after some dainty footwork. Scotland work the ball free whe nSam Johnson strong arms it out of Leiua’s grasp and Hogg wellies a cannonball kick 60m. Maitland and Laidlaw chase like hares and catch Samoa on their 22. They’ll have a scrum after putting on the pressure. 

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Credit: REUTERS/Rebecca Naden


9 min Scotland 3 Samoa 0   

Laidlaw makes no mistake. He arcs his run-up round the corner and plants it through the uprights from left of centre. 


7 min Scotland 0 Samoa 0   

Scotland have their kicking game working, forcing Samoa into a lineout inside their own 22. Samoa win that one and shift the ball 20m for a Scotland lineout. Russell peels away and goes up the middle. Samoa concede a penalty for a tackle on Jonny Gray without the ball and Russell cannot take advantage. Back it comes for a penalty and Laidlaw will kick for the sticks 28m out. 


4 min Scotland 0 Samoa 0  

Samoa win the scrum and Tusi Pisis kick for touch from behind the goalline. Scotland lineout about 25m out. Bradbury wins the ball in the lineout and Scotland attack round the back of the lineout, Laidlaw taking a kick over the top that Maitland cannot reach before it dribbles out for a 22 dropout. 


3 min Scotland 0 Samoa 0 

Scotland attack up the right, Harris and Graham break tackles and move into the 22. Graham makes 20m after a slick pass from Russell. The ball is switched out to the left and Ritchie carries it forward. Jack Lam stands in the way and takes a heavy hit. Scrum on 5m. Lam goes off for a HIA. 


1 min Scotland 0 Samoa 0

Scotland settle their butterflies with a clean catch from the kick-off and a booming kick for touch by Greg Laidlaw to push Samoa back into their won half.  Samoa take the lineout and Scotland hold the drives on halfway until Matavao box-kicks and Hogg catches on the 10m line. 


Out come the teams

We’ll have the anthems, the Siva Tau and, finally, the kick-off. The roof is on, the players are already glistening with sweat. 


Doddie Weir on Scotland’s challenge

For Scotland, it is win or bust against Samoa on Monday. The way the World Cup is organised with the group stages, you can afford one slip up, but you can’t afford two. Teams have recovered from losing a game before to do well in the tournament. You look at South Africa losing to Japan and then pushing New Zealand in the semi-final all the way in 2015. England got pumped 36-0 against South Africa in 2007 and then reached the final. There is hope.

You can read Doddie’s column in full here.  


Gregor Townsend speaks

We started off poorly, we made errors, sometimes you get away with them but Ireland capitalised in those errors. We did create opportunities with our kicking game, we  were in their 22 more than they were in our 22 but you’ve got to put points on the board. We move on. 

They can’t wait for a chance to play better. I believe in this squad and our ability to win our next three games. We’ve got to improve, beat S

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