Finn Russell Owen Farrell is England’s Roy Keane and has the same uncompromising, fiery attitude

Finn Russell This is another unbelievable item!

I have always viewed Owen Farrell as a Dogs of War player, a sporting blood brother to Roy Keane, one of my favourite footballers.

Hard as nails, incredibly competitive, uncompromising, fiery and combative. Yet also sublimely skilful and talented.

I was reminded of that last weekend when Keane made pointed comments about Liverpool and Manchester United players displaying touchy-feely friendship in the tunnel before their match.

What Roy said was: ‘I’m disgusted with the players. You’re going to war, yet they’re hugging and kissing.

Owen Farrell is hard as nails, incredibly competitive, uncompromising, fiery and combative

‘Don’t even look at the opposition. You’re going into battle against them. The game hasn’t changed that much. The players have changed.’

Now I appreciate this might not be quite ‘on message’ for some in 2019, but it is unquestionably the reality in the sporting arena and it’s the view I take on such massive occasions. I always get worried before a big game when players are smiley and jokey.

There is plenty of time to be mates afterwards, with hugs and high fives and hopefully a couple of beers and a bit of craic in the changing room. That is when you demonstrate your friendship and solidarity with a fellow professional in defeat or victory. Long may that be the case.

Before the match, though, even among firm friends who are opponents for the day, I have always taken the Willie John McBride view and he played in plenty of big matches in his time. 

I have always viewed Owen Farrell as a Dogs of War p

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