Ben Smith Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey uses his iPhone’s Screen Time feature to limit his Twitter use to 2 hours a day (TW, AAPL)

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  • Twitter cofounder and CEO Jack Dorsey was interviewed Thursday at the company’s News Summit, where he took aim at Facebook and its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Dorsey also shared that he limits his use of Twitter to two hours a day with help from Screen Time, the iPhone feature that you can activate to restrict how long you spend on certain apps.
  • Dorsey had previously shed light on his somewhat unconventional technology practices: He doesn’t own a laptop and works exclusively from his phone, and he’s an avid user of the iOS Notes app.
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The man in charge of Twitter only spends two hours a day on his platform, and he says he has his iPhone to thank.

Jack Dorsey spoke onstage at the Twitter News Summit on Thursday in an interview with BuzzFeed News’ editor-in-chief, Ben Smith. During the conversation, Dorsey revealed he restricts his time on Twitter, the platform he helped found 13 years ago, to only two hours a day.

According to tweets from multiple journalists who attended the event, Dorsey told Smith he limits his time on Twitter using an Apple feature called Screen Time. The feature was introduced in 2018 as part of iOS 12, and is meant to give users more insight into how much time they spend on each of their apps. Screen Time includes a feature that allows you to limit how much time you spend each day to a set amount, and will restrict you from accessing the app after you’ve hit that time limit.

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