Ben Smith SHAPIRO: Buzzfeed Hilariously Slams Harris Campaign For Complaining About Reporter’s Tweets

Ben Smith I be mad for modules, because they are unbelievable!!

On Friday’s episode of “The Ben Shapiro Show,” the Daily Wire editor-in-chief talked about a hilarious text exchange between a Kamala Harris campaign aide and Buzzfeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith. Video and partial transcript below: 

This is just spectacular. I’m not sure whether I love it or whether I hate it. So there’s a BuzzFeed reporter, her name is Katherine Miller, and she was tweeting about the 2020 Democratic presidential debate. She tweeted out, quote:

MILLER: Hard to know if last night harmed or helped Warren, but I think we can all come together and agree a debate highlight was Warren telling Kamala Harris no about banning Trump from Twitter and then continuing with her point in the manner of shrugging off a Greenpeace clipboard person.

So that is what Miller tweeted – and by the way, she’s right. It was hilarious. Kamala Harris was so desperate for attention, I mean that the entire debate she was just like, “Love me! Why won’t you pay attention to me!? Twitter!”

[The fact that] she thought that her best hit on Elizabeth Warren was not, “You called yourself a Native American for 30 years on official forums.” Her best attack, instead, was, “Why won’t you ban Trump from Twitter, man?” Kamala Harris

These components are quite beautiful!!

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