Ben Smith Harris aide to Buzzfeed editor: Reporter’s tweet is “whiteness manifest”

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Let’s be honest –Kamala Harris’ campaign is fading fast. She had her fifteen minutes of publicity after the Democrat debate in June when she called out Joe Biden for working with politicians with histories mired in segregation. She sold t-shirts and fundraised offspeaking truth to power, or something.

Now, though, she’s polling behind Mayor Pete in the second tier of candidates at Rear Clear Politics. She’s falling, not rising in the polls. Even calling for the elimination of President Trump from Twitter hasn’t made the splash she hoped it would. Harris ran right into a buzzsaw when she called out Elizabeth Warren on the debate stage Tuesday night for not siding with her demand to de-platform Trump. Elizabeth played the role of an adult by saying no, she didn’t agree that Trump’s Twitter account should be suspended. She’s focused on replacing him in the White House.“I don’t just want to push Trump off Twitter, I want to push him out of the White House.”

Kamala Harris exposed herself as the authoritarian she is and that doesn’t bode well as a glimpse into how she would govern as president. As a lawyer and as a former top law enforcement officer in California, shouldn’t she be aware of the First Amendment in our country? It seems pretty basic to me.

A spat has popped up on Twitter between an aide to Kamala Harris and BuzzFeed. Katherine Miller, a reporter for BuzzFeed, tweeted out a little truth to power herself, so to speak, in the aftermath of the debat

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