Rugby Badly Behaved Foreigners In Japan Discussed On Beat Takeshi’s TV Show

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Japan is hosting the Rugby World Cup. Fans from all over the world are attending, and a percentage of them have been rowdy. OnTV Tackle, one of Beat Takeshi’s television programs, the issue of poorly behaved foreigner tourists was once again a topic of discussion.

There has been footage of rugby fans causing chaos, smoking in non-smoking areas, and generally being noisy.

Japanese people like to think of themselves as above doing things like this. For the most part, that’s true. Trains are quiet. There is no singing, let alone human pyramids.

Scrolling through comments on blogs and Twitter, people in Japan attribute the bad behavior to a difference in how people are raised. But don’t believe go wild when Japanese sports teams win championships, too? One of Japan’s most famous sports curses came about after Osaka baseball fansstolea Colonel Sanders statue from KFC and chucked it in the Dotombori River. And it’s not just sports: Halloween in Shibuya last year resulted in Japanese peopleoverturning a small truckand leaving trash all over.

That doesn’t give visitors the okay to do the same, of course. Goo

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