Brodie Retallick The surprise activity that saved Retallick from missing World Cup

Brodie Retallick I be nuts about plug-ins, because they are helpful.

The story of how Brodie Retallick almost missed the Rugby World Cup could well go down in folklore.

Aqua jogging is, after all, the last thing anyone would associate Retallick with.

Regularly the enforcer of the All Blacks pack, visions of Retallick are much more likely to feature him throwing tin at the gym, working on his cars, listening to rock, or steamrolling defenders.

Visions of aqua jogging often involve the elderly, not one of the world’s most influential rugby players.

Yet it was performing this activity with his wife in Hamilton where the prospect of Retallick featuring in Japan took a sharp upward turn.

Prior to that, Retallick felt the World Cup could be out of reach after the dislocated shoulder he suffered as a result of an illegal cleanout from Springboks lock RG Snyman on July 27 left him in a race against time.

“To be honest I wasn’t holding much hope until I actually went aqua jogging,” Retallick said.

“I was aqua jogging along and I had a bit of sharp pain and I grabbed my shoulder and I thought ‘that hurt’.

“It sort of seemed to click into place, whether there was a bit of scar tissue or something there I’m not sure but I heard it click and it felt good at the time.

“From there I got out of the pool and it was pretty much good as gold I

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