Rugby World Cup 2019: Why victory will mean more to ‘the Kingdom of Tonga’ than England

    Rugby World Cup 2019: Why victory will mean more to ‘the Kingdom of Tonga’ than England

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    England Rugby have been warned not to underestimate a Tongan side that will represent the ‘undefeated men of war’ in what could prove 80 painful minutes in Sapporo on Sunday.

    The former world champions being their Rugby World Cup 2019 campaign against Tonga, the weakest side in Pool C according to the current rankings system.

    But attack coach Scott Wisemantel believes that a potentially life-changing day for those representing the Pacific Islanders will be able to challenge everything that Tonga stands for, which includes a proud record of historically having never been conquered.

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    “They’re powerful, and they’re built for rugby,” Wisemantel said. “Historically it’s called the Kingdom of Tonga for a reason – they’ve never been defeated in war. So they’ve gone to other islands and smashed them up, but they’ve never been smashed up and they’re very proud of it.

    “You speak to a Tongan and you talk about the country and you say ‘so you’re from Tonga’ and then occasionally they’ll say ‘I’m from the Kingdom of Tonga’ and there’s a reason for it. They’re quite fierce in that regard.”

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    Wisemantel expects Tonga to live up to their brutal reputation and “hurt” England in what for the Pacific Islanders could be a career-defining 80 minutes. While

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