Ben Smith JPK III would be great for Bay State — but not as a senator

Ben Smith JPK III would be great for Bay State — but not as a senator

Ben Smith These modules are interesting!

He can do more for Massachusetts.

That was the late Sen. Ted Kennedy’s campaign slogan when he first ran for the Senate in 1962.

In the never-let-a-good-line-go-to-waste department, it was the same slogan that John F. Kennedy used 10 years earlier when he was first elected to the Senate in 1952.

Maybe U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy III, seeking to retake the “Kennedy seat” in the Senate, could dust it off and use it against incumbent Democrat Sen. Eddie Markey.

This Joe Kennedy’s potential campaign is similar to the 1962 Ted Kennedy campaign that split the Democrat Party in two when the inexperienced Kennedy defeated accomplished Attorney General Edward J. McCormack in the bitter primary race to fill the seat JFK vacated upon being elected president two years earlier.

Newly elected President Kennedy, upon resigning with four years left on his term, pressured then Gov. Foster Furcolo, a fellow Democrat — who wanted the seat for himself — to appoint JFK’s Harvard roommate Ben Smith of Gloucester as a seat warmer.

Smith held the seat for two years, until Ted Kennedy turned 30, thereby meeting the minimum age to be eligibl

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