Ben Smith This Top CrossFitter Just Came Out As Gay

Ben Smith This Top CrossFitter Just Came Out As Gay

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Ben Smith alec smith gay

And yes, he will be at the CrossFit Games.

August 22 2019 1:44 PM EDT

In an Instagram post, a high profile Crossfitter has come out as gay.

“There’s been something on my mind that I’ve been wanting to talk to you guys a while about now,” Alec Smith said in a video that he captioned “Took a DNA test, turns out I’m gay.” The line was likely an ode to a Lizzo lyric.

“So I’m gay,” he said. “I’m at the point in my life now where I’m OK with that. I’ve accepted it, and I’m happy with where I am.” In the video, Smith admitted that he’s always known that he was “different” and that he’s been attracted to men since the age of 12. “I hated myself for being attracted to guys,” he continued. 

Smith first competed in the prestigious CrossFit games in 2017. This year, he took home a second place medal. 

In the video, Smith went on to say that he initially began playing sports in order to distract himself from his identity as a gay man, but it became too much. He had long told himself that he would continue to hide his sexuality, but over time he slowly began coming out to

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