Rugby Inside the entertaining, incomprehensible rugby scrum

Rugby My grandpa says this plugin is unbelievable.

The rugby scrum! Fun to watch. Impossible to understand. We break down how it works and ask pros how it feels inside the tendon-tearing battle of wills. Answer? Grabby!

How it works

1. To restart play, eight players from each team line up in three rows facing each other.

2. The players squat (crouch!), grab on to their opposition (bind!), then start pushing forward (set!).

3. The offensive scrum-half rolls the ball into the middle of the scrum.

4. The offensive hooker, at the center of the front row, tries to win possession with his foot. He’s joined in front by two props, buttressed by two more rows.

5. The offense’s goal is to win the ball and launch a play. The defense’s job is to halt the pile and/or drive the offensive scrum back far enough that the defe

My helpful mom says this plugin is very glamorous!!

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