Ben Smith The Try This! newsletter turns two years old this week. What’s next?

Ben Smith The Try This! newsletter turns two years old this week. What’s next?

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This week marks two years of Try This! — Tools for Journalism!

In mid-August 2017, I held my breath and sent a welcome email to the 100 or so bold souls who signed up before we had even figured out what this would be.

Since then, we’ve been through one major hurricane evacuation, at least one minor scandal and three different editors (all of whom I appreciate very much). We’ve also grown by a magnitude of 100 since that first email, which I guess isn’t too shabby.

Whether you’re a new subscriber, a newsletter veteran, or some internet cables got crossed somewhere and you found yourself here unexpectedly sometime along the way, please know that I really appreciate your readership. Not everything I share is for everyone, but I consider it a big success if you take one or two things away from here every week.

Two years in, there are a handful of changes on the way. Expect a redesign and possibly a slight tweak to this newsletter’s name sometime this autumn. There are already a few to-dos on my list: I’m aware of some lingering issues with reading this on mobile (though you’re reading this version on the web, where all should be good) and know that some of you would love to see images up in here. But if anything else comes to mind, please let me know.

I’m also going to be out of the office for most of October and am taking the opportunity to experiment with some themed editions. One will be digital tools for planning and taking vacations (on the cheap, naturally), something we all need these days. Another will be a best-of list featuring some of this newsletter’s biggest hits. Got another idea? Let me know!

Now let’s stop with the chit-chat and get to why you’re actually here — digital tools, trends and news.

TEXTING THE NEWS:A video interview is one thing. A Q&A is another. Neither feels as personal, or as fresh, as this BuzzFeed newsletter in which editor-in-chief Ben Smith interviews presidential candidate Tim Ryan via text message. Sure, it doesn’t take a ton of effort to do, but I dig the format.

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