Rugby ‘Claw is the law’: Why American ‘bros’ suddenly can’t get enough of White Claw hard seltzer

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Rugby whiteclaw2White Claw hard seltzer is having a moment, especially with bros.White Claw

  • As hard seltzer fever sweeps the nation, the drink is becoming synonymous with an unexpected demographic: young millennial men who identify as “bros.”
  • White Claw, the dominant brand in the category, has become the subject of a rising number of viral YouTube videos and memes poking fun at the popularity of the drink in places like fraternity houses.
  • Hard seltzer enthusiasts are likening the drink’s popularity to Smirnoff Ice, famous as the inspiration for “icing,” the viral drinking game started by a group of fraternity brothers in 2010. 
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Though Ben Shea hadn’t heard of White Claw when he first tried it in June, after one sip of the black cherry-flavored alcoholic fizzy water, he was instantly hooked. 

It’s ridiculously good. If I’m at at a party now and someone offers me an IPA or a White Claw, I definitely take a White Claw,” Shea, a producer based in Santa Monica, told Business Insider. 

After his auspicious introduction to the drink, Shea became an unabashed hard seltzer enthusiast. As he packed his bags for a recent weekend getaway with a group of male friends, he brought along a few cases of White Claw, hoping to spread the gospel of the refreshing, low-calorie boozy beverage.

Though Shea said the group teased him upon seeing the sleek white cans, slinging insults about theseemingly girlish drink,they spent the entirety of the weekend drinking it to excess. 

“I’m a bro, I do dude things and get stoked and all that,” Shea said. “But I also just feel comfortable saying I like White Claw and that it’s good.”

Shea and his crew are not alone in their sentiments.At barbecues, on beaches, at fraternity parties, legions of men are suddenly singing the praises of hard seltzer.

“Throw a dart at my fraternity composite and you’ll find a guy who’s into hard seltzer,” a college junior and fraternity member told Business Insider, requesting anonymity as he is not yet of legal drinking age.

Rugby The memeificaiton of White Claw

According to Nielsen, hard seltzer sales increased by 66.2% in the past year, driven largely by growing demand from millennial drinkers seeking new options in malt beverages beyond traditional beer. As hardseltzer’s star rose, it became the top growing segment in the beer category during the lucrative Fourth of July weekend.It’s now slated to become a booming $2.5 billion category by 2021, according to analysis from UBS.

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However, while the beverage is clearly resonating among consumers of all backgrou

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