Ben Smith Ringfenced for Sanitation Debate Recap: The Dark Psychic Forces Promoter

Ben Smith This is one astonishing module!!

Look, he’s at best Jabba.

— Zeddy (@Zeddary) July 31, 2019

Ooo, shiny!Our Modern Media celebrities have the attention span of an ADD three-year-old on a Red Bull binge. If (when) the American Experiment crashes into Armageddon, its epitaph will beBut Think of the Ratings!

All of you deserve a Biden presidency.

— DSA DNC Caucus (@agraybee) July 31, 2019

My Twitter friend named Marianne Williamson Chakra Con.

If he shows up to take credit, you can thank him.

It’s the best thing to happen all evening.

— Brave Black Woman (@Wonderbitch81) July 31, 2019

(They actually call themselves the#orbgang. No, srsly.)

Anybody remember Lily Tomlin’s Tasteful Lady character from SNL? Mrs. Earbore was from Grosse Pointe, as Ms. Williamson claimed to be, and the Earbore decendents are Marianne’s natural… voters. The packaging has changed, but the absolute removal from normal human experience remains the same.

Saying stuff other candidates are afraid to say, but that people are dying to hear.

That ability coming from a general ability to be shameless.

Using that shamelessness to also promote toxic ideas that endanger others.

Man, that kind of sounds familiar.

— Elad Nehorai (@PopChassid) July 31, 2019

Marianne Williamson is the Chauncey Gardner of Jill Steins #DemDebate

— Fred. (@freeloosedirt) July 31, 2019

Wasn’t particularly easy to get in, but was free, & candidates got tix

Williamson is only one w recent Detroit ties; she headed a new age mega church in ‘burbs in the ‘00’s

She had a contingent clustered in the balcony

She rented the theater next door for a free a

Meet this elegant constituent!

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